Knotts Mural Studio
Murals & Architectural Painting / Design~Production~Installation and Onsite Mural Painting by Texas Mural Artist ~ JOHN KNOTTS


Please note that all questions and inquiries about the commissioning of mural work are welcome and we will respond as soon as possible.

Thank You ~John Knotts   


Each mural project is unique and has many factors to consider in pricing . Size and complexity of mural image are the two main factors. Exterior murals require surface preparation such as a fresh plaster coat in some cases that must dry and cure before we paint with Keim Mineral Pigment system ~visit  some exterior surfaces can be cleaned and ready to paint directly. Scaffolding rigs and other man lift equipment must be rented. Travel and lodging expenses to job location are also considered in pricing of large outdoor murals.

   Interior murals are painted on large ,single sheet or multiple panels of artist canvas in our shop that are rolled on a carpet tube ,shipped to the mural site and pasted to an interior wall space similar wall paper application. Largest single piece canvas mural  measures 18 ft x 40 ft. Larger murals require two or more canvases seamed together. 

Commercial and public Murals ~ This type of mural is usually very large and painted either  on exterior or interior of buildings . This type of mural ranges from  $ 18,000 to $60,000 or more for large murals that are painted on the exterior of buildings and projects that call for more than one mural.


Residential Murals ~ The majority of murals  for  residential or private spaces range between $7500 to $30,000 .  Large  murals in open concept homes can be more. These murals are usually large fine art paintings, such as landscapes,city scenes and even abstract original works by John Knotts.   



Please feel free to contact us on the contact page of this site to discuss your project. There are many variables that go into our bidding process . If we paint the mural on location outdoors there is surface preparation such as cleaning and even plaster coating required before the mural is painted with Keim mineral pigment & silicate system. visit    Travel and living expenses for myself and assistants among other expenses are also a factor in pricing 

If we paint on canvas(large canvas ) and install the mural on location, there is material cost  professional installation costs, and studio /warehouse overhead while producing the murals.