Knotts Mural Studio
Murals & Architectural Painting / Design~Production~Installation and Onsite Mural Painting by Texas Mural Artist ~ JOHN KNOTTS



Murals have been in existance since the dawn of man. Images have been painted and scratched into cave ceilings and walls for tens of thousands of years. They were used as spiritual communication and magic often painted by the shaman of the community. Later in history, murals were used to tell biblical stories on the walls and ceilings of the greatest cathedrals and churches, as well as the courts of Kings and Queens. Mural painting has continued to thrive and is a very beautiful and elegant way to decorate a wall or ceiling. Murals can serve many purposes and each mural must be designed by a professional artist or designer who has the education and special training in composition and layout. John Knotts @Knotts Mural Studio has the background and experience to do just that. When it comes to large scale public murals, the design is much more important. It is not just about the subject of the mural. Its is about the shapes, colors, textures, light value and form combined with the subject or theme that makes a large mural successful. With a Bachelor of Fine Art in Studio Arts, John Knotts brings to your mural project a high degree of quality and skill that has developed over twenty years of experience in professional mural design and production. 

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