Knotts Mural Studio
Murals & Architectural Painting / Design~Production~Installation and Onsite Mural Painting by Texas Mural Artist ~ JOHN KNOTTS

Architectural illusions


Transform a flat plaster wall into an architectural show case with painted architectural details


  With a few well chosen colors to represent architectural materials,we can transform an older building into an architectural statement for around two thirds of the cost of actual materials. The building above was given a new plaster resurfacing and  we designed an old Texas style architecture using the painted illussion of rough limestone blocks. We also incorperated relief stars that accent the building. All that you see here is painted on a completely flat plaster surface. No actual stone was applied.This project is located in Downtown Conroe,Texas near the historical mural painted by Knotts Mural Studio as seen in the mural gallery on this website.