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Murals & Architectural Painting / Design~Production~Installation and Onsite Mural Painting by Texas Mural Artist ~ JOHN KNOTTS

Knotts Mural Studio is a professional mural design and production company for commercial and civic venues.


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                           John Knotts ~ Owner, Designer and Lead Artist 

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Welcome to our studio. My name is John C. Knotts and I am the designer, lead artist and director of operations. I specialize in large scale projects such as public art for civic and commercial spaces, which includes restaurants, movie theater lobbies and any other commercial building where public art is desired by the client. There are no projects too big for Knotts Mural Studio. From project management to heavy equipment operation, I am experienced and ready to take on your project.

From the drawing board to the ribbon cutting and presentation of a sucessfully completed mural, I will work with you to design the most appropriate and expressive mural or large fine art for your project. The mural below is a prime example of a commercial mural project.

Premiere Cinema Corporation, of Big Spring, Texas, commissioned this mural for the lobby of all of their new multi-screen cinema theaters. I designed the mural, working with the client to capture the right theme and composition. The boy in the theater seat represents the movie patron. He is into the experience of the movie. He also is imagining himself as a screen writer, director, cinematographer behind the scenes, or even the actor himself. The design also represents film history from black and white silent film to modern, high-tech science fiction. Your project is in good hands with  Knotts Mural Studio. 

 Premiere Cinema Corp. Lobby Mural for all new Premiere Cinema theaters

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